Spreading the Word : Part 2

You Need to Read Part One First

A hurried trip to the bathroom saw me deposit the panties back to the laundry basket my feverish attempt to remove excess evidence pretty unconvincing. I was hoping the laundry basket would get dumped into the washing machine holus bolus. That might be my only escape. It’s funny but with the passage of time you re-calibrate and I was admonishing myself wondering how I had been so foolhardy and reckless. Still no point in crying over spilt milk as it were!

Phew I thought…nothing seemed to have been noticed. There were ABs panties and bras on the clothes line as those they had never been a naughty accomplice in a teenage sexual frenzy. Later that morning AB took an interest in a school project I was working on and hovered at the kitchen table in a loose fitting summer dress. Leaning over the front gaped and I got a tantalising view of her chest encased in a see through t shirt bra. She lingered and I got numerous views down the top of her dress. I was hot and flustered and AB said it was getting hot and made some excuse and left, only to reappear a short while later. She hovered again and of course I looked…To my amazement the bra was gone and there were two small globes hanging free with engorged nipples budding from the surface. While aroused I was also confused. Was this for my benefit? Later on in the day she was sitting on the back step as I mowed the lawns. Her legs were drawn up and she rested her head on her knees and the material of her panties stretched tight across her mound. I remember them vividly they were a light yellow colour. She shifted position a few times taking in the sun and the wind would lift the filmy dress exposing her legs and panties but she seemed in no hurry to regain her modesty. I jumped in the pool to cool off on more ways than one and AB shouted she would join me.

Thinking she would go in and change I was surprised when she dive-bombed me in her summer dress. Given it was so flimsy two things happened. Firstly it went transparent and clung to her breasts which was as good as seeing her naked. The skirt part of the dress floated on top of the water meaning her panties were visible especially when I dived under the water - which I did a lot. They too had become more transparent but less so but I could see a dark small thatch of pubic hair which I found very erotic.

Later AB changed into a small nighty and asked me to give her a hand putting the washing away. We folded sheets shirts dresses smalls etc. There was one pile for AB and one for me. Just as I went to take my pile to my bedroom AB took the bra and panty set of the panties I had worn and put them on my pile.

“I know how much you like them and you seem to have left your panties at home. Enjoy them” she said. She knew all along. And so began a lust filled two weeks of wearing panties and climaxing this time in a bra which my mum hadn’t bought me. This felt even more feminine as I packed the cups, B at best, with socks to get the feminine look. Now I had a bra and my journey was getting even more interesting.

Posted By Sue on 17th March 2018

Updated : 23rd June 2018 | Words : 590 | Views : 748

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