Turning The Tables - Part 1

Miss Trudie

Once I’d told my gorgeous girlfriend about my cross dressing she was completely fascinated. A few months later when I flew to Canberra where she lived I was a bit trepidatious. She had told me she had a surprise for me but wouldn’t say what it was. The only hint she gave was that I wasn’t the only one “who could play dress up”. I alighted the plane and made my way to the baggage area – our designated meeting point. I saw her to the side big smile on her face but immediately noticed she was different. She was in a baseball cap her hair all pulled up and hidden away. She had on a t shirt with little or no sign of her breasts and tight jeans revealed what looked like the outline of a cock. If you didn’t know first glance would have indicated it was a guy. She greeted me with a big hug and a kiss which must have raised a few eyebrows of the business crowd of which I was one. As we walked to her car she said she wanted to dress as a guy for the duration of my stay – 3 nights – and I was intrigues so went along with it. Once in the car we kissed passionately as was our way and she I was going to have 3 full days of gay sex. Not knowing quite what to expect she pulled my hands to her jeans and in the airport car park encouraged me to open her jeans.

I unbuttoned waist and unzipped and she lifted her bottom off the seat to pull the jeans down a little. This revealed she was wearing a pair of men’s underpants. On closer examination I saw the tell-tale bulge and she drew my hand to it and moved it so as to be stroking. Inquisitive I pulled the underpants down at the front to find a condom filled with what turned out to be birdseed. She had started the three days with a bang! A bit more fevered kissing and we straightened ourselves and proceeded to my hotel…or so I thought.

We were driving along and my baby pulled into a public park and pulled up outside the public toilet block associated with it. Not sure what this was all about she told me to go in and use the stall nearest the urinal and look straight ahead Intrigued I did. Upon entering the right-hand stall and locking the door I saw the message written in black felt pen above the cistern, It stated ‘want to have your cock sucked?’ and then a number…her number! My mind was racing. I looked around and I realised that this was clearly a place used for cruising with quite a few messages offering all sorts of guy on guy action. On the wall that was shared with the second stall was a hole clearly made to allow for anonymous sucking of cocks…a gloryhole. I began to get aroused. I rang the number and she answered it. “hi baby” I said but she hung up. Thinking maybe we had been cut off by mistake I rang again with the same greeting only to be cut off again. Then it dawned on me. I rang a third time and just tentatively said “hello”. She responded back and the said “what would you like”. I responded breathlessly “I’d like to have my cock sucked”. There was pause and she said “ok wait for me”. She didn’t come in straight away – it felt more like 10 minutes and then I heard footsteps and the stall door being closed and locked.

There was a knock by the gloryhole and I unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them down around my thighs and lowered the front of my underpants to free my stiffening cock. I lined it up with the hole and pushed it through. I felt some magical and very experienced hands get me to full extension and then lips, tongue and warm mouth engulf my erection. I was pretty sure it was her but not entirely sure. There was nothing spoken just noise of the slurping of someone giving me an amazing blow job. I was getting close to my release when I heard footsteps and someone go to the urinal. They must have seen the two stalls occupied and heard the slurping. My baby, or whoever it was, did not stop or slow down their ministrations. She if anything intensified her beautiful sucking licking and stroking at the base of my shaft. Having read about gloryholes and seen gloryhole porn, especially ladyboys, I knew the protocol and as I felt my climax rise I knocked on the partition wall to let the person on the other side to get ready for my load. I felt the mouth leave me then very softly tongue in place under my shaft slowly engulf me. It was too much and I stiffened moaned and my hips bucked against the partition as I flooded that mouth on the other side of the wall. It was a beautiful orgasm and I rode the pleasure as long as I could luxuriating in the afterglow of mini tremors. Finally I started to soften and the mouth withdrew. Still in a bit of a daze I gathered myself and upon hearing a knock on my stall door opened it cautiously to see my baby standing there with a huge grin across her face. She pushed me in and relocked the door. She embraced me tightly and frantically kissed me her tongue quickly snaking its way into my mouth. And then I felt and tasted it. She had transferred a warm rather bland fluid that she had in her mouth into mine. It was my sperm. There we were kissing like two teenagers dressed as two guys in a toilet known for cruising swapping sperm. This was going to be some trip!

Posted By Sue on 14th January 2019

Updated : 14th January 2019 | Words : 995 | Views : 548

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