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At some stage in every gurl’s life the prospect of a transformation arises. By transformation I mean getting completely made over from head to toe and allowing for your inner woman to emerge. It’s a make-over on steroids is probably the best way to describe it. Many of us have done the DIY transformation, and while you certainly improve with experience, getting professional help from time to time is without equal.

I was quite late to my own professional make-over opting to subject myself to the legendary skills of Arpi on the Gold Coast. Many of you will be familiar with her House of Transformations service. A few hours spent with Arpi are beyond compare. I am sure this is the case wherever you go to a professional who has expertise with gurls and is supportive and non-judgmental.

I follow the same routine each time I go, making smooth beforehand those parts that require it, knowing that the make-over is followed by a comprehensive photographic shoot so you want to put your best smooth foot forward as it were.

It’s likely that you will be in a robe as the foundations and top layers are added as the beautiful butterfly emerges from the chrysalis. I tend to want to have my boobs in place before any make-up is applied and to also have my first wig (yes there may well be a number used) ready to go. Having make-up applied is a lengthy process but you know it’s time well spent. I never peek. My eyes are closed or look away from the mirror so for me I go from drab to gorgeous in seemingly the blink of an eye…a total transformation in reality as well as in my head.

After a wait peppered with great conversation and slowly seeping into my feminine persona it’s time to look in the full length mirror. I always insist on a wig so that it is my female self that I am looking at. Without exception it is amazing. The first time it happens to you it becomes an experience you will never forget. Despite having been transformed on numerous occasions since that actual drab to gorgeous never fails to stun and excite in equal measure. Sometimes I feel close to tears. It’s me but it’s not me but yes it’s me and the best me I can be…are the thoughts that roll around in my head.

From there it is time to complete the package complimenting the make-up and wig with the other absolute necessities of stockings, shoes (oh yes!) and dress (or skirt, or blouse, or even pants) and jewelry to set it off. Despite your face having been set your actual finished look can change in a flash dictated by your every whim. Maybe you want to glam it up, adopt a secretarial look, flower-child, a day at the races, cocktail party or ball, go tarty, or even get married, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Your issue will be just choosing from the vast range of clothes and looks available.

One of your first surprises at a full transformation if you haven’t already discovered it, is whether you are a blond or brunette (or red head for that matter).  Who’d of thought I was a blond – and a natural one at that – least of all me! The beauty of a transformation is you don’t have to stick in one lane…this is a multi-lane highway so get your foot on the pedal (in a beautiful stiletto maybe) and hit the road. You will not regret it and when the session is over it doesn’t have to be. You can return to drab or leave as the new you confident and beautiful ready to take on anything that comes your way. 

Posted By Sue on 23rd June 2018

Updated : 23rd June 2018 | Words : 631 | Views : 1428

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