They say that time is the great equalizer. No matter how important you are or how gifted or wealthy you get the same number of hours in a day – 24 as everyone else on earth. And on that we only have a limited amount of time available to us. We’ve all come out of meetings thinking “that’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back!” Time is precious which is why it’s frustrating to experience so much time wasting in our community. In fact, one of the harshest put downs we can use is to call someone a time waster.

Time wasting manifests itself in a number of ways. There are those who may engage you in a chatroom and promises are made that are never kept. For example, to meet up or have a makeover together. I get that in some ways. In the intoxicating fantasy land that is a chatroom everything is possible and our brains get drenched in dopamine and endorphins, the happy drugs, lowering our inhibitions. Couple with that the possibility of sexual arousal and it’s a heady mix. Promises made in this state of arousal can seem remote and beyond our realms of possibility when we snap back to our drab state and the mundane comings and goings of our non-femme selves. Allowing yourself to get carried away does come at a price and as a community if we indulge in such activity, we should be both conscious and mindful of this.

Firstly, there may be someone on the other end of this fantasy who has taken part with a different perspective on the outcome. When you have agreed to meet, or similar, they may well be taking you on your word. Your promise that fades when reality hits home may well be their sense of disappointment and frustration when they realise that the promise was hollow and more often than not made ‘in the zone’ but not kept outside of it. Being let down once or twice might be tolerated but constantly going through the roller coaster of thinking that your agreement to meet is a solid one and finding out that you’ve been ghosted gets wearing on the spirit and expensive on our precious time.

Secondly and more seriously when our fantasies involve a service where someone is making their living by it and you renege on your promise to show for an appointment or place that order then you are wasting time and money. Requesting a makeover ‘in the zone’ and then not following through means others get to miss out on that opportunity and the business owner suffers financially. In the time of COVID we should be doing everything we can to support those businesses that provide good and services to the TG community. Wasting time is the opposite of this.

So the next time you make contact with Heels for Gurls or any other service for that matter please be genuine in your intentions. If the contact is just to enjoy the fantasy in the zone think of who this could be hurting. If you do make contact, but outside of the zone you lose your nerve then think about taking the big step. Find the courage to act. Seldom will you regret it and once that bottle has been uncorked it’s far easier to keep drinking – if that metaphor works. You deserve to have the fullest and richest experience with your female self and those who play a role in making this a reality, like Heels or House of Transformations etc. deserve to run their businesses in a way that is sustainable so that they will be around for a long time to help you evolve.

Posted By Sue on 29th August 2020

Updated : 29th August 2020 | Words : 620 | Views : 289

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Posted By Sue on 29th August 2020

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