Things Seem So Much Easier

Thins Seem So Much Easier

It may be unfair to say because we live in a much more different age – the internet for starters – that things are much easier for gurls nowadays. Maybe so? Growing up in the 60s and entering puberty in the 70s, when the urge to dress seems to kick in for many, was a difficult time. There was no internet. By all accounts this attraction to your mother’s/aunt’s/neighbour’s/friends’ mother’s wardrobe was an ‘aberration’ that I and I alone was inflicted with. A cursory Google search now gives almost immediate confirmation that you are anything but alone!

When the initial surge is satisfied by trying on ‘borrowed’ items from laundry hamper or drawer (although that still has a certain frisson) there is the need to actually have your own little collection….well it does start small doesn’t it! Once again there is a certain milestone in your journey here, because use of others’ panties implies an occasional or even random pursuit. It suggests it’s not really part of you but you indulge from time to time and the lingerie in question is hurriedly replaced and you return to ‘normal’.  Until next time of course!

So that time comes when you decide to take the plunge and acquire lingerie of your own. You realise that this is a whole new level because accessibility as a barrier to your occasional ‘habit’ will be lifted. The decision to purchase and actually doing it for me, and I suspect others, had some time in-between. While the thought sounded good in theory there were some pretty big obstacles. First up and this was jumping ahead - where to store said items that allowed easy access when required but safe enough NEVER to be discovered. No-one wants to be clambering up into the attic or trawling through a basement to satisfy and urge. For me, my prized painting equipment provided plenty of storage areas where a small collection at the outset could easily meet the secure criteria.

The second dilemma is where to buy the items. High end shops would draw more attention to a single guy browsing the lingerie department with just a tad too much enthusiasm. Lower end shops would yield lingerie that would have a lack lustre appeal. The middle ground was a mid-tier department store. In today’s terms think more Triumph, Gossard or Bendon and less Cristina Aielli or Uye Surana. Those tastes would come later…we all have to start somewhere!

So second decision nailed down the big day arrives. The first thing that strikes you is that the lingerie department is pretty much a male free zone. You knew this would be the case but it really hits you. I made a very quick mental note to myself…this carries much greater plausible deniability in the run up to Christmas. So there you are - a guy alone in your own particular sweet shop. There is no time for nerves, self-doubt or arousal. Take the plunge and browse…just breath. The first instinct is of course to grab what you need quickly and get out of there. As I learnt over the years the results of taking your time pay dividends when you get home and try the items on in the luxury of your own home. The saying that the journey is a big part of the destination is really true when it comes to gurls buying lingerie in person.

Reaching in to find your size and being disappointed when something that takes your fancy is out of stock in your size is more than matched by the delight when you find it actually is there. Finding matching panties and bra when they aren’t matched as sets is another small delight.

Touching the silky material and imagining how it might feel on is all part of the experience. As is deciding what range of shapes and colours to choose. What mix of panties and bras for example? How will the cup look when a breast-form or other stuffing (refer my other blog) is inserted? Will the anticipation be such that actually wearing it falls short or will you gasp at just how good a selection it was?

Then you have another decision to make. Just how much is too much? At times my shopping basket has looked like I was buying on the basis that there had been a national alert that lingerie would no longer be made! Taking an overly full basket up undoubtedly draws suspicion and at the checkout is the last place you want the woman (and without a doubt it will be a woman) staring over the top of her horn-rimmed glasses thinking ‘you little pervert, these are for you aren’t they’. If you go for safety and don’t get too many then you get home, the adrenalin safely back in safe limits, and you regret your lack of courage.

On my first time, I in a rare moment of clarity brought on by the nervous energy coursing through my body, bought some wrapping paper and a card to lay down my deniability. Little did I realise that this was probably such a giveaway that I drew more attention to myself. Christmas turned out to be the easiest way because nice lingerie is something that a guy buys for his partner knowing she’s unlikely to opt for such levels of sexiness if she was buying for herself. The other ‘plausible deniability’ trick I adopted was to buy a couple of items that were so out there – the kind a guy who has no real fascination for lingerie might buy his partner in the mistaken belief it was sexy. The stuff that gets put at the back of the drawer before they get thrown out unworn. Once again an unnecessary step because they must have looked totally incongruent with the other very tasteful lingerie I carefully chose. Looking back on it, horn-rimmed lady was probably thinking ‘okay I can see what you are trying here young man’.

So my first foray into the department store saw me at the checkout with enough lingerie to keep a Mormon’s wives happy at Christmas, a birthday card of some variety, wrapping paper and the untraceable payment method of cash. I now know of course that nerves can be hidden well except when you hold stuff like money, or your hand out for your change. Credit card machines with tap and go are so much easier. So too nowadays are the self-check-outs. Only some bored pimply-faced check out type wandering round with only half an eye on what is going on stands between you and getting your stash out of there safely. It’s so much easier for us gurls nowadays, whether it is buying online or self-service. You might think I feel so much more relieved to be shopping nowadays but you know what …I think I miss the old days and the nervous tension of getting in and out without discovery. It made trying on the items and admiring myself in the mirror when I got home that much more pleasurable!


Posted By Sue on 8th December 2017

Updated : 17th March 2018 | Words : 1180 | Views : 1191

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