Spreading the Word : Part 1

There’s one thing your Mum finding out you have this thing for women’s underwear (and hers to boot) but it is something else to tell another person about it. No not Dad thank god! My Mum and her sister, my Aunt, were close despite a 6 year age gap and quite different personalities. So I guess it was not that strange that my Mum decided to spill the beans. She didn’t tell me because I guess it’s a difficult conversation to have. “Hey son…you know Aunt Becky…I’ve told her you like to put on my frillies and have a ‘good time’. I hope you don’t mind” yeah that wasn’t going to happen.

Aunt Becky was a free spirit. She was a nurse and maybe that’s what gave her a very down to earth and realistic take on life. She had probably seen it all. I know she was a bit of a wild child or ‘hippy chick’ as my Mum referred to her and she had spent time in London after she left school living it up before coming back and settling down to study. We used to stay with her for holidays and there were quite often ‘friends’ staying there too. I was pretty naïve not realising that the women that stayed there were lovers not buddies. If only I had known then what I know now!

About six months after my Mum discovered me luxuriating in a pair of her panties I was sent off to stay with my Aunt when Mum joined Dad for an overseas work trip plus they tacked on some vacation as well. It was no chore to stay with ‘AB’ as I used to call her. She was fun and didn’t really impose rules, thinking I was old enough to start regulating when I went to bed etc.

By this time I still had the first pairs of panties bought for me by Mum. The only drawback of the stay was that I would have to go without my panties which had become such a part of my life and masturbatory activities. I thought it was too big of a risk to pack them but did take a hairbrush with a lovely tapered handle – in bright orange no less – which I thought could be plausibly explained away. In the back of my mind though I knew I always had the opportunity to look, feel and maybe wear ABs pretty things, but with the trauma of my reasonably recent escapade still lingering, meant I didn’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

AB was always friendly and open when I was in her company so I didn’t suspect she also knew my secret. Nothing happened the first two days and nights but I was starting to get a bit twitchy. I began taking more notice of AB than a boy should of his Aunt. She was her usual laissez faire self around the house dress wise. Not to say she ran around naked, or semi naked but she would wear long Ts that just came down below her cheeks and clearly no bra on. She barely had to stretch to get something from a cupboard and the hidden wonder of where her thighs joined her cheeks was fully on display. A teenage with raging hormones notices such things – in great detail almost taking a mental photo to commit to memory. When she wore the Ts her breast always poked through and not much was left to the imagination. It really was almost like seeing her nude.

On this trip however her familiarity and lack of modesty did appear to be up a notch but I could have been imagining things…I was a very imaginative teenager after all. While she continued wearing the Ts there was the addition of getting up and making a cup of tea each morning in her bra and knickers. Each day I would be exposed to a new pair. She wasn’t very big chested but her nipples were large and she often had the ‘high beams’ on if you know what I mean. I would have my shower after her and the previous Day’s panties and bra were always on top of the laundry basket in the bathroom. When you put temptation in the way you find yourself sooner or later succumbing. More sooner than later with me! So it wasn’t long before I was gently picking her intimates up and feeling them and bringing the crotch to my nose to smell her feminine scent. I was super wary of pulling them on in case I left a tell-tale sign. Oh did I long to though.

Sitting with AB watching tv one night I noticed she was sitting opposite me engrossed in some show and I realised I could see directly up her t shirt and the white crotch of her panties was clearly visible. To say I was shocked and excited at the same time was an understatement. While I didn’t want to stare I felt drawn back to this wonderful sight that AB was giving me. After a while I knew matters would have to be taken into their own hands so I excused myself, awkwardly hiding my arousal. There are times when excitement washes all rational thought aside and this was one of those times. Almost on autopilot I found ABs panties and took them to my room. In a trice I was in bed the tantalising sensation of her panties straining against my highly sensitive skin. With the aid of some hand cream I had bought from home, and conveniently stashed in my toilet bag, I brought the brush into play. In no time at all my back was arched and I released all the pent up arousal and energy caused by the wondrous sight and three days of abstinence. It burst from me both vocally and physically. I was never sure whether it was heard and if so what was made of it.

In that lovely post bliss it dawned on me that my cautionary behaviour up to that point had totally gone out the window. Not only was there a very visible remnant of my bliss seeped into the front panel of the panties but the crotch was soaked with hand cream. I was toast…a contented satiated piece of toast, but toast nonetheless….


Posted By Sue on 17th March 2018

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