Spreading the Word : Part 3

So, there I am now with a bra to my name. While I didn’t deliberately hide it upon returning home I didn’t place it amongst the panties that were laid out at the back of my underwear drawer. I instead put it in the sock drawer. It was partly to keep it quiet I suppose but also because socks were the item I used with the bra to give the cups some shape. I soon realised something. Whereas with panties you fill the space with your body and penis and this shape broadcasts itself through the outline in the panties with bras they have their own form. As I was completely void of any breast tissue, the bra, without some filler, is an item that needs further work. And so it was that the bra was in its natural home in my sock drawer – and yes pushed to the back.

It wasn’t long though before my urge to don the feminine attire raised its head again and I took the opportunity while my mother was out to strip myself of my clothes and pull on some panties and the bra from my Aunt that matched those. I was excited in no time at all. It was then that I realised that to really appreciate the shape of the bra I needed to put an item of clothing on top. I donned a t shirt but that didn’t really give me the effect I was seeking. I then tried a button up shirt and while better wasn’t really what I was after either. It was natural that my next thought extended to how might I look in a woman’s blouse? Feeling the frisson of naughtiness that I used to feel taking my mum’s panties I went to her wardrobe and removed a blouse and put it on. The impact was immediate, satisfying and arousing. The look was very feminine. Not surprising that my next move was to pull on a skirt and voila I had taken my first steps as a teenager to dress en femme. I couldn’t resist posing in the large bedroom mirrors and sit on the edge of the bed and slowly reveal the bra, almost as though someone else was doing it. It didn’t end there. I also laid back and brought my legs up and spread them in an unladylike way to reveal the crotch of the panties resembling a swollen vulva. I will leave it to your imagination as to what happened next.

This went on for a few weeks. I was also loving wearing my panties and bra to bed and lying on my front and rubbing the material of my bra and panties against strategically placed panties on the sheets of my bed creating a lovely silky sliding feeling. All too soon this migrated into using one of my Mum’s full slips that was made of tricot nylon, I think I recall, enabling me much greater freedom of movement. The sensations were sublime and on many occasions the culmination of my gyrations had to be washed off the slip before carefully putting it back exactly where I had found it. I put my fantastic memory down today to having to have an almost photographic memory of the contents of drawers and wardrobes!

One particularly afternoon while my mother was doing the ironing I decided to have some ‘quiet time’ involving both my bra and panties. The door was locked – my mother obviously suggesting to Dad that I needed more privacy- and I relieved the tension that had been building since the previous time. Not long after my climax there was a knock at the door and it was my mother saying that I had a call from a friend. I hurriedly put on some underpants and went to the front hallway where our phone was located. I had been invited to a game of soccer and made my way back to tell Mum. She was pleased and then gave me a word of warning. ‘Be careful about changing your shirt in company.’ Somewhat confused I must have pulled a strange face when Mum said ‘you can see the underwire and bra strap marks from the bra your Aunt gave you!’ I went beet red. I had been caught out. I looked down and sure enough there were very distinct marks of the underwire bra shape across my chest and the bra strap could still be seen on my upper chest and shoulders. Mum’s are always looking out for you! Needless to say the need for the sock drawer was over and the bra nestled quite comfortably thereafter nest to it friends in the back of my drawer and it got washed and folder regularly too.

Mum never bought me a bra on its own. Maybe that was too big a step for her. The panties might seem like the love of sensation for your groin, but a bra takes you to a whole different place. But there were occasions when a matching bra and pantie set were given to me and I loved the combination of both. Unlike the panties I didn’t wear the bras to school - that was too big a risk. Mum did buy me a couple of bikinis which I absolutely adored and also on one occasion a one-piece swimsuit. That was amazing to wear. It felt like every fibre of your body was being gently caressed and it felt great just lying absolutely still in the bed on my tummy then moving forward and back ever so slowly so that my skin obtained maximum contact. My climaxes were long and pleasurable and the position of my head buried deep into my pillow allowed me to give voice to the pleasure but not draw too much attention to my situation. To this day the pleasure derived from the feeling of silk, lace and nylon on the skin evokes so many vivid memories from the past of days of innocence and discovery.


Posted By Sue on 28th April 2018

Updated : 23rd June 2018 | Words : 1005 | Views : 799

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