Coming out to my Girlfriend

‘Lifting the veil’ to someone close to you isn’t easy. Despite some hints you might have dropped it is likely to come as a shock and generally I think you cannot really predict how the message will be received. Even the most outgoing and liberal woman may react not so much by the ‘out there’ or fetish nature of what you are confessing, but trust issues and secrecy. A number of years ago I had a relationship with a woman eleven years younger than me and a nurse to boot. I think they call that a double whammy! Our relationship was really hot despite the fact that she lived in another State – our nation’s capital to be precise. Early on we built trust and were very open about what we liked. She had a lovely open innocence such that she didn’t have experience beyond a few ‘normal’ relationships but seemed open and willing to explore boundaries.

We chatted every night on my journey home and there were the usual furtive texts and sneaky phone calls at other times. It wasn’t long – I guess partly because of the distance – that phone sex became a feature of our relationship. Sometimes at night she would text me and say she had been masturbating and did I want to hear her orgasm? Invariably my answer was ‘yes’. I have always had this thing about women pleasuring themselves so any chance to share in that was generally taken up. I would sneak off somewhere quiet and ring her and she would answer softly her voice thick from being close to climaxing and I would hear her moans and the throb of her vibrator doing its best to make her explode. She would, often leaving me aroused requiring my own self-administration at some later point or she would ask if I wanted to cum. Sometimes we did it together trying to time our orgasms to climax together. Such is life in a long-distance relationship. This was pre good video/facetime of course.

So it wasn’t unexpected to her when I called her one night around 8pm. I was out running on a quiet track not far from where I live. To anyone observing I looked like any other runner but unbeknownst to them under my running shorts were some lovely white lace panties. The thought of these and quite possibly the feel had me in a small state of excitement and I veered off the track and found a clearing. I leaned against a tree and rang my ‘baby’. I was still puffing a bit when she answered and was interested to know what I was doing. The chat turned a little saucy and I felt the urge to come clean about my penchant for women’s attire especially lingerie there and then; possibly occasioned by the fact that I was wearing a lovely pair of panties at the time. I worked my way up to it by asking my baby what she was wearing. She said it was pretty ordinary and asked if I wanted her to strip down into her bra and panties. I eagerly said yes – of course – and she said she would if I pulled my trackies down. I asked her to guess what I was wearing….there was a pause then for some strange reason she said panties. I paused and then responded by ‘maybe’. That gave me an escape just in case she said it was perverted. She then kept pressing me to confirm it. I asked her how she would feel if I was and she replied that it was so sexy.

So I confirmed it. Straight away she wanted to know the style, shape colour material I could hear the rising excitement in her voice as I described the panties white, lacy, bikini style. I vividly remember her saying ‘oh god virginal white my baby’s in virgin white panties’ She then demanded a pic as soon as I could arrange it – had to be by email in those days. Then the rapid-fire questions came – ‘how long have you been wearing panties?’ ‘Since around 12.’ ‘How often do you wear them?’ ‘As often as I can but not often enough!’ ‘Does wearing them turn you on?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Have you ever made love with a woman while wearing them?’ ‘yes’ ‘Would you make love to her wearing them?’ ‘absolutely.’ By now it was clear she was highly aroused and had starting masturbating. I too had become hard through the sheer excitement of the revelation plus the eroticism of the moment. My cock was fully extended from the white panties – a fact my baby was keen to know – and I leaned against the tree my track pants around my ankles in the great outdoors stroking myself while wearing a pair of white lace panties. Our excitement grew and I felt compelled and safe in my surrounding to give voice to the pleasure that was enveloping my body. I hadn’t been this aroused in a long time so when I heard those magic words from my baby ‘oh god I’m about to cum’ I tensed moaned out at the top of my voice and the crescendo of my climax washed over me as we both rode our mutual orgasms. The floodgate of sperm that ejaculated across the forest floor was a hint of the floodgates of new openness and opportunity that had just presented itself…and in a moment of excited realisation I recalled that in two weeks’ time I was flying down for some days business and my baby and me would once again be in each other’s arms – but never in the same way again.

Posted By Sue on 28th April 2018

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