Baby Steps to Ecstasy

That kiss

Further to the previous blog about first meets this provides a few personal tips about what to do when that life-changing moment is upon you….the first meet. So there you are - together at last. With so many false starts and no-shows it has finally all come together. There is palpable excitement plus nerves -a heady mix for sure. I have some suggestions for this first encounter based on my experience but these things are highly personal and there is no one size fits all as it were.

My first suggestion is to spend some time just letting it all sink in. The journey to this point has probably been quite fraught so no need to jump right in. Take time to get to know one another. A glass of wine I think is a must…still white or better still bubbles! You’ve probably already broadly agreed what will happen but sex is a physical, emotional and mental thing so use all elements to heighten the arousal. I like to ‘drink in’ my date noticing her detail storing it for later in terms of how this might be further explored. While chatting I like to flirt and tease and show some thigh and see if they reciprocate. It’s an erotic game slowly revealing your sexy undergarments and is a great transition from the social side of the meet to the sexual without feeling forced or awkward. Revealing your panties with a quick upskirt flash I find very erotic and quite often you will both notice a thickening as panties start to swell. This is a lovely prelude into some carnal delight.

While there is always the temptation to run the full course of the menu on the first occasion, my advice is leave something in reserve. There’s so much to enjoy without even dipping into oral or further. A slow and sensual start builds momentum for a further meeting. That is not to say that you can’t have pleasure or be transported to the ultimate release, but that it’s worth exploring some delicious off menu possibilities.

Here are a few suggestions that will get you both very hot and bothered and wanting more.

Frotting is a favourite of mine. This involves pressing or rubbing your genitals together. I love doing this when you are both still in your panties. Engorged but held by the panties your cock gets ultra-sensitive and to have the pressure of another material gliding and stroking against you - their engorged cock on the other side of the filmy barrier is magical. In fact quite a few times I’ve started to frot when standing face to face kissing. This generally involves tracing a hand down to their groin area and feeling their excitement then pulling both your and their skirt up (or down) as the case may be providing direct pantie-to-pantie contact. In fact one time in a club in London – Sweet Wednesday to be exact me and another gurl kissed like this for what seemed like hours our lower halves stuck to one another with gentle movement between us. We were able to time our climax such that we both released very close together, our juices seeping through in large globs on our panties which we took in turns kneeling and licking each other clean much to the delight of surrounding patrons.

Intercrural sex is another favourite of mine. This is where you do use your penis but instead of penetrating a pussy or bottom you do it between your partner’s thighs. This sounds a bit strange like teenagers who don’t want to lose virginity, or risk pregnancy but it can be very nice. You can both take turns too and you will be surprised at just how good the pleasure can be especially if they press and un-press their thighs when you thrust. They will need to be slightly lubed and you can lie on top of each other the ‘penetrator’ either being beneath or on top. It’s a short trip from there to rubbing your cocks against each other with one of you holding them together.

Cock-docking is another exciting thing to do if you don’t want to leap into straight out oral and anal. It works really well if one or both of you are uncut. Place a little lube around the crown of the penis and pull the foreskin back to cover the head. Then when facing one another put the heads of both cocks together and pull the foreskin so the head of the other penis is now slipped inside the foreskin. If you both are uncut then you can have both penis heads touching and a beautiful sensation of moving the foreskins between you like a wrapped covering. It is lovely to do this while kissing and you can get quite a nice rhythm going if your erect cocks are kept horizontal. The idea is to time your climax to the point where you are both ready to cum at the same time. You can speed up or slow down the movement of the foreskins depending on where you need to be. There is no need to re-lubricate generally as the pre-cum generated from what you are doing drizzles inside the foreskin making it lovely and supple. When the time is right – and I love an orgasm while kissing my date – you both let go at the same time the eruptions explode within the confines of the foreskin your jizz mixing with hers. It really can be quite special.

So as you can see there are lots of ways to supercharge your first date that are highly erotic without the need to do either oral or anal. This way you can pace yourselves and it also sends a signal that you are both experimental so that when you do take it to the next levels it will be mind-blowing almost beyond your wonderful imaginations.

Next time we’ll explore the best way to prep for that next wonderful step.

Posted By Sue on 18th February 2019

Updated : 18th February 2019 | Words : 1001 | Views : 666

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Further to the previous blog about first meets this provides a few personal tips about what to do wh . . .

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