Anatomy of a Meet

As your dressing progresses it is quite normal to think about meeting others who share the same passion. There could be several reasons pulling you in this direction.

From sharing and learning tips, wanting to socialise with anther gurl, or even going further to experience feminine love making. Whatever your motivation I have developed some guidelines based on my experiences and they are written as indication of what might happen. No two experiences are the same, however.

Firstly, getting to meet is perhaps the biggest challenge. You might have thought getting to accept the fact that you want to meet is the biggest step and maybe it is, but the biggest hurdle is the actual meet. We have a term for it… time wasters. Most of the time, thanks to the internet, its possible to establish contact with like minded people. If it is done through a website eg BI Australia or TV CHix then you might take the relationship to the next level of intimacy exploring likes and dislikes and what you want from a meet. You will get butterflies and realise that you are finally going to do it. You might exchange email addresses to take the meetup forward. And then… nothing! The fact is when you in “the zone” as I call it, all sorts of promises are made and probably reasonably genuine at the time. The person you are chatting with is in that compartment of their life where fantasy is alive and well. Disengage from the chat and most often they revert to their drab self and the thought of the meet is either not so urgent, or the impracticalities of it bubble to the surface.

If you do though get beyond the time wasting, then chances are you might agree to the drab coffee meet. That is where you both meet in male mode for a coffee to check out if you are both reasonably normal and not “psycho killers”. For this situation I always suggest meeting during the day at a discrete location, but never less public place. Eg café. This is nerve wracking because often what you look like in drab is much different to your feminine self. Of course, if you are meeting a guy to ultimately date the guy then you will be nervous about what impression he might have of you. You will get a very accurate feel for him as a guy.

I find at first meets the nerves are generally not necessary, although they are present, because the char flows easily as you have such a deep connection that this sustains you through the first few potentially awkward moments. If the aim is to meet to socialise at some later stage, then I suggest that bringing an iPad with some of your photos might be a good idea. Get a seat away from prying eyes in the café though!

If the aim of the meet is a prelude to a more intimate encounter, then my advice is to agree that you will both wear something sexy and feminine beneath your drab attire.

That way when you meet, there is that extra tension in the air. You can both imagine what the other is wearing. You might even whisper it to one another creating a layer of secret intimacy. If you bring an iPad each, the possibility of exchanging more intimate photos arises. Always do so discretely. On one occasion the description of what we said we were earing was so enticing we agreed to show each other and discretely made our way to the shopping centre toilets. We used the disable toilets to slowly drop our trousers and reveal what we had described. While we never proceeded further than that, is was clear and evident arousal was beginning to form in our respective panties was a sign that a date we later organised that intimacy would be on the menu.

So once this next hurdle is cleared the remaining time can be spent working through the logistics and chatting online discussing desires, fantasies etc. The biggest logistical hurdle is going to be where. That’s why I love dressing when on business because you can prepare and get dressed and they come to you. But in your own home town, the possibility of something longer-term also arises. My advice is to cherish such opportunities. So, a hotel or motel is first decision. Hotels are classier and the size draws less attention. I’ve met in motels and the female manager has stumbled across what we were up to and got a bit cross. With hotels there is the issue of booking to match when you are both available. If you want to meet during the day, then possibly your room is only available from 2pm and this might limit your time together. If it is evening and you need to get home at some stage, then there is the issue of going back in the morning – before 10am – to check out. Practicalities sure but important details, never less.

Then there is the issue of arriving dressed or getting dressed there. Here, there is a wide variety of approaches. Some gurls only ever want to see each other en-femme so this needs careful working out. I’ve had some situations where one of the other stays in the room while the other gets dolled up in the bathroom. That’s where apartments come to the fore, but they can be pricey. There’s also the reverting back to drab that needs careful though, both in terms of logistics and the time it takes to get back to drab with no hard to explain tell-tale details left untouched. I’ve had explaining to do when I forgot to remove mascara and it blackened my pillow at home.

Nearer the day of the meet, your mind will turn to amongst other things what to wear and what to take. My advice for the former is straight forward. In my opinion, don’t over dress tarty or revealing. There is so much sensuality in the slow reveal. In terms of what to take this depends on where you will be drawing the boundary. No matter what I always take lube and condoms. Even of the penetrative sex is not on the agenda, you cannot entirely predict where things might go ad might go quickly. It goes without saying your lube must be compatible with the condoms you have with you. Other considerations are poppers OR Viagra (or Cialis etc). I say OR because to mix both can be potentially fatal. If you have no problem getting and maintaining an erection (If that’s important for the meet) then by all means lean towards poppers. Poppers have the advantage of loosening your bottom hole making penetration easier plus timed correctly has a fantastic amplifying effect on your orgasm. The down sides are the headaches later, and the fact that use can make you riskier, doing things you might otherwise not done if you hadn’t taken it. You may even want to think about advanced prep eg bowel cleansing (enema), butt plugs to stretch you and pre-applied soother like Anal Ese.

Getting your head in the game before hand is important and this will no doubt occupy your mind a day or so before. While working through in your head as part of the fantasy before hand can be arousing, it never seems to unfold the way you imagine. My advice – just settle on the broad parameters eg kissing yes/no, oral yes/no. For a first meet, I wouldn’t be too fussed about A levels. That can come in time. Building rapport and intimacy is what’s important and of course lots and lots of passionate kissing. One meet, my friend and I only got as far as our bra, panties and holdups, laying on the bed kissing endlessly. Before we knew it, 2 hours had elapsed, and our intimate parts has been gently pressing against each other encased in the sensual material of our panties. Suddenly, we realised we were close to climax and not so worried about the preconceived notions we had about our orgasm. We recommenced kissing and frotted to a beautiful and very memorable release. Keep an open mind and be flexible.

Oh, and one last pointer, think about ambiance. Going at it like rabbits from the get-go, even if time is short, is not a good idea. It tarnishes the meet with too much of a slutty feel. Think about bottle of wine to enjoy and relax you both before the fun commences. Be safe!

Posted By Sue on 4th February 2019

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