Turning The Tables - Part 4

Miss Trudie

The next day I had a business meeting and left early. My baby said she would pick me up afterwards and we would go on a picnic. Eleven o’clock drew near and the meeting was over. With some trepidation I waited out of the front of the building hoping to see my baby pull up in the car and hop in without anyone seeing me. I nearly missed her because walking along the street in a pair of tight lycra leggings, short t shirt and baseball cap - there she was. Her hair had been pulled back under the cap, her breasts no-where to be seen. My next glance was obviously down at her crotch and there it was so clear for everyone to see…the outline of her penis thrusting proud through the lycra, nothing left to the imagination. We walked hand to hand to the car, me in a business suit and her in a suit to do business.

We stopped some way out of Canberra towards where the satellite dishes are. There was a small layby and a track that disappeared through some trees and my baby grabbed a picnic rub and her backpack and I the hamper and we made our way down the track then along a small track adjacent to a stream until we came to a clearing of grass. We duly laid out the rug and lay down to soak up the atmosphere. In no time at all we were kissing, and my baby undid my tie then removed my shirt then my pants and she was lying on top of me in her lycra the bulge of her penis clearly felt through my underpants. I was hard in an instant. My baby asked me to look away then look back and I saw her now sporting an outrageous erection that was straining through her lycra leggings. I engulfed it through the material aided by her hands on the back of my head. I then rolled down the material at the front and out bounced a plastic toy – a feel doe which is worn in the vagina by the woman and used to have penetration with another woman, or, to peg a man providing equal pleasure to the giver.

We then eased up and had our picnic lunch. We would have looked quite a pair if caught out. Soon we were kissing again and it felt very natural having a cock and only one hole to contemplate. I reached for the lube and commenced applying it to the feel doe but my baby grabbed my hand and drew it between her cheeks letting my fingers nestle on her rosebud. ‘I want you inside me‘ she said “I want you to fuck me’ And so I began to slowly lube and finger my baby’s bottom hole feeling the lovely expansion of her sphincter on my finger as pushed it further and further into her. We kissed feverishly then she said ‘stick it in’. We agreed the easiest way would to let her control the angle on her first time so I lay under her and she sat astride me her ‘cock’ poking out between us. She then gently lowered herself onto me guiding the tip of my cock against her lubed entrance. She took it really slowly and that added to the pure pleasure as I felt her opening gradually expand to accommodate me. It took a few attempts before she pushed down, groaned out and I was through her sphincter. She then rested allowing her to get used to this invasion and it gave me time to contemplate the feelings for myself. Although I’d been in quite a few bottoms by this stage, quite a few their first time, this was special especially because of the circumstances. Applying more lube to my shaft she proceeded to gently lower herself until her bottom was full of my cock and her cock looked strangely like mine sticking out from where our bodies intersected. When she bottomed out she stroked her cock no doubt bringing tension to bear inside her pussy and around her mons. For me the pleasure was immense. Each movement up and down my shaft was like tight grip massaging my cock and the feeling inside her tight passage felt amazing as did the psychological component of it. She was clearly saying “it’s ok to want this forbidden pleasure, in fact, I want you to indulge this side of you with my permission, with my help and with my mutual pleasure”.

And so began her long and slow fucking of my cock by her bottom. To say it was exquisite is an understatement. I reached forward with my hand and stroked her cock and on the downward journey of her hips she leaned forward that not only pushed the cock into my hand but caused it to press back and rub her clit. Soon the tell-tale signs of her excitement were clearly visible on her neck. Out In the open, lying on the picnic blanket we were free to be as expressive as we wanted and we took the opportunity with both hands. “You love being in my bottom don’t you?” she stated. “Yes Chris” I replied using the male name she had adopted for the duration of the stay. “Everyone thinks you’re straight but I know better. You are so gay and I love it…my gorgeous gay baby.” In between such outbursts my baby started to moan. Not just any run of the mill bedroom moan this was a deep primeval sound even animalistic. My baby was so into it she was in another world and as I looked at her again I realised it wasn’t my baby. It wasn’t my baby masquerading as a man. It was a man. Our moans of ecstasy were being broadcast to the world but our focus was on this intense communion between two gay men enjoying the delights that a mutually shared anatomy can deliver. My baby announced in a series of moaned exclamations that she was about to cum.  I noticed her thrust her hips forward and I stroked down hard on the cock her face screwed in that contortion that precedes climax and she moaned out. I felt it at exactly the same time her anus clenching and unclenching as her orgasm washed across her and screaming at the top of my lungs I delivered my seed deep into her bowels.

I’m not one to rank orgasms but if I was that would be right up there. After spasm after spasm rippled through her body she crashed forward onto my chest exhausted and the motion was enough for my cock to slowly disengage from her bottom. She reached underneath and cast the feeldoe onto the rug with strings of her cum still attached. We lay for what seemed like ages just huddled together in a post orgasmic haze.    

Eventually we packed up and left. I don’t think I had ever felt closer to my baby. When we were driving along my baby let out a series of squeals. My cum was beginning to ooze from her. We stopped at the local supermarket to get some ingredients for our evening meal and I realised when my baby got out of the car that my sperm had seeped through the tight lycra of her leggings. It would be obvious to anyone looking closely that the source of the moisture was the person’s bottom and because of how it had seeped out, there was a gloopiness to it which wouldn’t have taken too much imagination that it was what it actually was – sperm from the union of two men who had only minutes before made love!      

And that got me thinking what would our final night hold in store?

Posted By Sue on 31st January 2019

Updated : 31st January 2019 | Words : 1306 | Views : 607

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Turning The Tables - Part 4

The next day I had a business meeting and left early. My baby said she would pick me up afterwards a . . .

Posted By Sue on 31st January 2019

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