Turning The Tables- Part 3

Miss Trudie

When we got back to my baby’s place we were pretty hot and sweaty and in need of a shower. I noticed my baby had had her hair cut quite short and boyish so she was going all-out to create the look of a boy. She had admitted to me previously that the thought of me with a man was a huge turn on for her. We stepped into the shower but she reinforced to me that I couldn’t touch her pussy or even her breasts. It didn’t stop us kissing though. We then got ready to go out and my baby needed assistance with dressing. She laid out her clothes and for a moment I was taken aback. She had a polo shirt, some male Jockey underwear and a pair of chinos. She produced a roll of cling film and I helped bind her until her breasts were flat to her chest. As she pulled her chinos on she asked me to fill a condom and I noticed the packets of condoms and bird seed. I filled it tight so that the condom was full and I knew would appear like my baby had a penis. I duly handed it to her having tied off the bottom and she arranged it inside the underpants pulling it to one side to accentuate the look. As she was bigger around the hips and bottom than most guys the material if the pants was tight around the groin region. The camel colour even accentuating the bulge further. She wore no makeup and greased her hair back – at the very least she was very androgynous - the look was complete.  My baby insisted on walking hand in hand from the car park to the restaurant and kissing me every so often. It got to the point where I didn’t care and started to kiss her without prompting. All too soon the meal was over and as we waited to pay we kissed passionately no doubt raising a few eyebrows among the fellow diners.

We got back slightly inebriated. I jumped into bed in just my underpants but my baby put a t shirt on but kept her underpants on. She and I started to kiss passionately and she said to me I want to masturbate for you. She went into the ensuite and it was a while before she returned. When she did she had some items with her plus I could see something bulky packing out her underpants. Lying on the bed she laid out a smooth vibrator some anal beads and lube. Lying on her back she pulled her knees up and drew the underpants down and kicked them off which revealed a large realistic strap on. She put lube on her hand and looking directly at me started to stroke the cock. After a while she stopped and reached for the lube and I saw her put her fingers between her buttocks and lubed around her rosebud. Then she picked up the vibrator and a generous coating of lube was applied. She then proceeded to place the vibrator between her legs. I scooted around still uncertain where the object might end up. I saw her align it to her lovely taint and then moved her hips to meet it half way. I heard her gasp then watched as she slowly pushed it into her tiny passage. I watched in fascination as her anus slowly widened to take the tapered front of the vibrator. She took it really slowly stopping every so often to get used to the sensation. And then suddenly it passed through her ring and she let out a gasp. The pain over she was able to move it gently back and forward and I saw her extend it all the way in until just the handle was showing. She kept one hand on the base and the other returned to the cock. She was getting really aroused now and I could see that the seat of the strap on was pressing against her mons creating beautiful ripples of pleasure for her. She was now moving her hips and it was during that action that the vibe slipped out completely. She then took the anal beads and generously applied lube on then and plopped them one by one into her bottom a loan groan accompanying each bead disappearing inside her. Once in she handed me the vibe and said for me to use it. It was still slick with lube and I brought it directly to my hole and expertly guided it in.

We then proceeded to bring ourselves to orgasm using our bottoms as the avenue to get our release. I didn’t touch my cock as I am blessed by having anal orgasms without the need for stimulation to my cock. I kept time with my baby knowing I could sit on the edge of climax and then send myself cascading into the abyss of delight quite easily. Her signs of approaching orgasm were well known to me. Early signs are a bright red flush moving from her chest to neck to face. Her face is also a dead giveaway too especially a series of lip licking which I realised after filming her masturbating and watching various clips back. But most of all was her breathing moaning and just before the pleasure breaks across her body the sudden brow. She was fast approaching this point when she moaned out she was going to cum, something she sometimes did but not always. Her left hand reached for the handle of the anal beads and he right went for the balls of the strap on. Her hips bucked up as she withdrew the beads each plopping from her bottom causing the most delightful opening and closing of her sphincter she climaxed her sperm shooting high onto her t shirt. Yes that’s right rope after rope of sperm shot from the strap on as my baby shuddered with the orgasm that was ripping through her body. Turned on beyond belief and at the precipice I climaxed a nano-second later my sperm similarly shotting on me but with nowhere near the intensity or volume. I turn out my baby had purchased an ejaculating strap on from one of the stores in Fyshwick. If you can’t find what you want there you won’t find it anywhere.

It took us a while to recover my baby exclaiming how intense that was. We kissed and she took my head and gently forced me onto the globs of cum that was spattered on her t-shirt and tummy as well as a large pool that had settled in the dip above her mons.  I tentatively put my tongue to it and she told me to clean her up. I scooped a small pool of it from her tummy and was surprised at how real it tasted. She too had gone to the trouble of sourcing some sperm flavoured lube for the strap on. We shared this in a kiss and then I proceeded to lick her clean. We slept like babies that night…two boy babies!

Posted By Sue on 31st January 2019

Updated : 31st January 2019 | Words : 1190 | Views : 343

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