Turning The Table - Part 2

Miss Trudie


Clearly what my baby had done had turned her on immensely. S I reached for her waist to open her jeans she grabbed my hand and advised me that I could only touch her cock or bottom and there was no vagina or clitoris available to me. I nodded my assent knowing I had little choice but to go along with these rules. I unbuttoned her jeans unzipped her and pulled down her fly. It took a bit of effort as I realised pressed against the fabric of her male underpants was a thickness resembling a hard cock. Pulling her underpants down the phallus jumped forth. It was a very realistic dildo neatly strapped to her with clear plastic straps. I found out later that this was a big part of the delay after the call. She had put this on in the carpark! She brought my head slowly to it and I found myself sucking on a very lifelike replica of a cock. Her hands were on the back of my head controlling the movement. She began a slow thrusting movement and was obviously enjoying what I was doing. I disengaged and kissed her and made a beeline for her breasts. I pulled her t shirt up and saw what had caused the flatness of her chest when I first saw her. She was without a bra but her chest was compressed flat with cling film. Her nipples were pressed flat against the film but were hard and I licked them through the plastic. While doing this my baby started masturbating the penis with each downward stroke on the shaft pressing the base against her mons. It was clearly putting lovely pressure on your clitoris. I turned her around and she stood on the toilet seat down. Pulling down her underpants at the rear I spread her cheeks and dived right into her bottom. The minute my tongue touched the tangy softness of her rosebud she let out an enormous moan. I reached around and found her stroking furiously on the strap-on cock. I removed her hand allowing her two hands on the rear of the toilet stall wall and proceeded to wank her myself. This gave her the leverage to press back against my tongue and before too long I could tell she was close to her climax. She was starting to tremble and then she pushed hard against my tongue forcing it further inside her lovely tight bottom and she shook with a very intense orgasm. She told me how lovely it was and was still a bit post orgasmic when we heard someone come in and go into the next stall. We tried to stay quiet and get ourselves ready to leave. Just after we did the guy left the stall and watched what was ostensibly two guys leaving the toilets looking flushed but satisfied, hand in hand.

Posted By Sue on 31st January 2019

Updated : 31st January 2019 | Words : 483 | Views : 351

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