To tuck or not?

This is an age-old dilemma. When you’re getting dressed do you tuck your cock/clitty away out of sight (or trouble)? Many decide at the time depending on where their day or night might take them. There’s a lot to consider. For some the perfect feminine form is required so a deep tuck is called for the clitty drawn right back so no giveaway shape can confuse the general public. Others are happy to just lightly tuck to hide the shape but give freedom for expansion as it were. I’ve done both but my preference is to be less restrictive down there. There are a few reasons. Being in a dress, in particular, the idea is to feel feminine which means not feeling constricted but rather the lovely feeling of air between your legs. If you are going commando then by default there is no tucking. Nothings feels freer than wearing a skirt with no panties and just feeling the breeze on your skin. Another reason is there are times when you want the tell-tale signs of arousal to show. If you meet with another gurl and you hit it off the surge in your panties of engorgement or fluid or both is a sexy giveaway that lets them know exactly how you feel. The number of times I’ve seen a gorgeous wet spot on another gurl’s panties to know that they are wet at the thought of me. If this is so then being able to lift a skirt and press two panty clad hips together is a real bonus. Kissing while this happens is one of the great pleasures. Your cock expanding within the confines of the panty causes a beautiful frisson and when it comes into contact with the same reaction of the gurl you are kissing it is sublime. There are also times when kissing that you just feel the urge to drop to your knees and pull the material away from the hardening cock and take it in your mouth. This spontaneous act is made much more difficult if careful preparation has meant the penis is tightly ensconced between the legs. I was kissing a gurl recently and things were hotting up. I ran my hand under her skirt stroking her stockings gradually up to her panties. To my disappointment there was nothing there. I felt between her legs and there was a thickness in this area. On touching her crotch however I felt a large wet spot – in fact exactly like a wet spot on a cis girl when they are highly aroused. This was such a turn on. Getting her cock out though was a bit of a task and took some of the sexy momentum from the act. It must have been painful, too, bent back like that when blood was desperately trying to fill the vessel. When released it sprang forward like a coiled spring rapidly filling with excitement. My mouth eagerly enveloped it feeling it inflate to its fullest in my moist harbour. Clearly being cooped up didn’t minimise the excitement that was building, a fact confirmed by the amount of pre-cum alone. Before long I recognised the signs. She was moaning and her hands were holding my head. I knew before too long I would be held in position as she unloaded into my mouth. And that’s what happened. Her hands held my head and a flood of warm fluid filled my mouth. My response was clear to see because my panties were taut with my own arousal. Her hand had no difficulty searching for my pleasure centre. She returned the favour kneeling and giving me the pleasure of her warm mouth to ejaculate. To tuck or not to tuck? Not important really – to suck or not to suck might be the better question!

Posted By Sue on 4th September 2019

Updated : 4th September 2019 | Words : 636 | Views : 1785

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To tuck or not?

This is an age-old dilemma. When you’re getting dressed do you tuck your cock/clitty away out . . .

Posted By Sue on 4th September 2019

Views : 1785 | Comments : 0

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