Swimsuit at the Spa


At some stage in my dressing I really got into bikinis and one pieces. While they didn’t have the sensuality of lingerie when worn outdoors the thought of wearing them outdoors was very tempting and arousing. I bought a bikini and one piece through a catalogue company when I was living in the UK. When they arrived I remember the excitement of opening the packages and trying on each in turn. At first it was frustrating because I could only wear them in the bath or shower when my partner wasn’t home. The first few times were highly arousing and the bonus was that the one piece suit, which was a baby blue Arena brand, went slightly transparent when wet. Plus the material felt so nice pressed against my skin.

Not long after I felt the need to be outdoors in my swimwear and so looked for places where I could indulge myself in the outdoors. Not far from where I lived was a large natural water park and it was surrounded by fields of Canola seed plants. I took to packing my swimsuits in a small bag and r the car walking on one of the paths that surrounded the park then when out of site jump the fence and make my way gingerly through the crop until far enough in to create a space where I could lay down. I used to pack a picnic rug too to place over the flattened canola.

I would then hurriedly remove my clothes and then slowly draw on either the bikini or one piece and lie back and bask in the lovely feel and idea that I was a woman sun bathing. Weather wasn’t always on my side of course but I have lovely memories of lying back just feeling very feminine and sensual. And yes at times it led to masturbation, my erection thrusting against the silky fabric and climaxing with the swimsuit still on my juices mingling with the material.

I was doing a bit of travelling with my job at the time which gave me lots of opportunity to dress and enjoy the feminine side of my persona. On occasions I took my swimwear and at night in the summer would put them on under my clothes and drive out to a secluded spot and enjoy the outdoors. In the winter however the swimsuits saw less action until I was doing an assignment in the UK in a place called Hinckley. The hotel had quite a good spa and swimming pool complex attached to it and it had a hot tub just to the side rear of the pool. A plan was hatched in my head and the more I thought about it the more excited I became. The next week I was there I packed my swimwear and on the second night stayed up until 1.00am then donning my one piece and putting my robe on over the top made my way cautiously along to the spa area hoping no-one was inside. I accessed the area with my room key and saw no-one around and quickly made my way to the spa. The water was still warm and I switched on the jets, opened my robe and stepped into the water luxuriating in the warmth and bubbles. I was wary at first in case I got interrupted so rolled down the suit top so it wasn’t visible above the waterline but no-one came along. I had the place to myself and gradually pulled the swimsuit back to its rightful place the wet material clinging to my chest and already revealing my hard nipples. That wasn’t the only thing hardening. My penis, wrapped between my legs for the walk from my room, was now thickening and wanting to spring forward. I freed it and immediately it reared against the swimsuit the outline clear to see. If anyone came it now I’d have to hide quickly under the water.

I lay there a little overwhelmed by the excitement of it all my senses in overload, my nerve ends tingling making me even more sensitive to the sensations on my skin. I felt sensual, I felt horny and I felt the need to explore this further…much further there and then. Rolling from my seated position I approached one of the jets and leaning on my elbows on the side of the spa brought my groin, covered in the flimsiest of material, to the jet which pulsed a strong plume of water with air creating bubbles. The effect was immediate…I moaned. It was like hands stroking me over costume but clearly not mine.   I lay my head in my arms and my hips, almost voluntarily moved but and forth against the jet stream causing the most pleasurable sensations to engulf my lower region. I knew I had discovered a completely new way of self-pleasuring which involved so many senses and involving my inner persona, as well as the additional dimensions of being in ‘public’ and possibly caught. It was perhaps this sense of wanting the experience to be a sensual one in a feminine role that had me withdrawing a little reluctantly from the jet and turning with my back to it. This time I faced towards the centre of the spa pool holding the corner of the spa with outstretched arms and pushed my bottom back towards the jet. It took a bit of movement to get the alignment just right but I got there. Boy did I get there!

Even though my sensitive rosebud was protected by the gusset of the suit the power of the jet still worked its magic. Rather than be slouched in the water when I was bringing my groin to the jet this new technique had me higher out of the water my swimsuit clad chest clearly visible above the waterline. Whereas the other could look to the casual observer like just simply passively leaning on the edge of the spa, there was no denying that this new position was lascivious and which part of the anatomy was being targeted. Caught now there would be no plausible deniability. By this time was arousal was building to a peak. I’m pretty sure I was moaning in the pleasure and I was half in a zone, half hyper vigilant to the sound of the door in case it opened, which seemed to make the whole scenario that much more erotic.

Driven now more by the need to maximise my pleasure I threw caution to the wind. As I leaned back into the jet I drew the gusset aside allowing the force of the water to play directly on my rosebud thinking it must be like having your pussy licked by experts. The pleasure was relentless water forcing my ring to open slightly the nerve endings getting the most glorious stimulation. There was no mind to my erect penis jutting from me still encased by the swimsuit. My whole bottom half of my body was on fire. With a few more push backs against the water stream I felt my inner core start to melt. My other, hand no longer needing the spa to support my position, reached for my hard nipple through the front of my swimsuit and squeezed. At that moment I stiffened moaned and was totally consumed by an orgasm as I rode the waves of pleasure, my rosebud clenching and unclenching as my fluid spurted from me through the swimsuit and into the bubbly water beneath.

Posted By Sue on 27th December 2018

Updated : 27th December 2018 | Words : 1253 | Views : 346

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