A Self Fuck How To

For many gurls the ultimate expression of their feminine sexuality is to explore the vulnerability of being penetrated and to do that in such a way as to be filled with the sperm of the other party! The reasons to do so are many - for some this might be the psychology of being bred or just the notion that the act has reached its natural conclusion. Whatever the thought processes accompanying the act it is an amazing experience. That said it is a risky situation and I would always condone the use of a condom or be in a situation where both parties trust one another based on both being appropriately tested. Always remember too that in the moment, especially if poppers are involved, common sense just might fly out the window so always plan ahead. Condoms and lube should always be in your purse/handbag.

The urge for some is strong so if you find yourself in this situation there is a halfway house that might just satisfy your urges until a safe situation arises. Bear with me as it might seem a bit off colour but can be very pleasurable indeed. I’m talking about self-fucking! It’s not for the faint=hearted and needs some patience and technique. You may not get it right every time because as you might have guessed timing is critical. If the planets align and you manage to penetrate yourself and ejaculate then many of the situations that you are seeking from being penetrated are present. For example, the wonderful squishiness, the pooling of the sperm inside and the dribbling onto your panties. You can even observe it leaking from you with a well-placed mirror or smart phone cam!

So how to do it? There’s lots of clips on the web under male self fucking but it really is a case of trying it out and see what works for you. My advice is to prepare in advance. Essentially you will need lube and a towel or something else to lie on. It’s not uncommon to get the timing wrong and you may well find yourself shooting onto the doona cover – something you may not wish to explain to a third party! While these are the basics you may wish to add to your prep a mirror, torch, soft dry cloth or towel, pillow to prop under your bottom/hips and dildo or something similar to ease the head of your cock through your sphincter. Pre-prep might include wearing a plug to loosen you up or a sniff of poppers to provide extra looseness shall we say.

There are a number of positions to try this but the one that will feel most natural and the one that most closely mimics the situation you might want to recreate in your head is on your back. Lie on your protective sheet and prop the pillow to raise your bottom off the bed. Take time to massage some lube into your rosebud but do not get overly stimulated. Avoid touching your cock. The trick here is to not get erect as there is then no possibility of pulling your cock back to where it needs to end up. Flaccid or semi flaccid is the best. For me the more flaccid the better. The thought of what you are about to do, particularly the last bit where you present your cock head to your anus is likely to bring a rush of blood to your head and your bendiness is lost.

The first and obvious barrier to success is those two balls getting in the way. I’ve seen some videos where the cock is pulled straight between them but for me that’s too painful. Believe it or not it is possible to push your balls up into your body cavity easily and without pain. If you do this then you have a much greater access to pull your cock back. Most cocks should be able to reach the anus when stretched. Some are lucky and can get the head quite far in. For me I can get just through the first sphincter but that is enough for what I’m trying to achieve.

With your rosebud well lubed (you may need to dry your hands from the lube from time to time hence the towel as this makes grabbing your cock difficult with the slippery lube) pull your cock back and position the head against your rosebud. Just let it nestle there and take a breath. You want to control any excitement at the stage. Slow breathing helps! When you feel ready slowly push the head of your cock into your anus. This is the tricky bit. Bearing down helps as does having something that can help force the head against the strength of your sphincter. Practice makes perfect here. Do not expect to get this right first time. When it does happen be ready for it because realising what you have done is likely to send a rush of blood to your cock and if you’re not careful you pop straight back out and your subsequent erection will need to fade so you can try again. So, when you do pet inside hold it tight preventing it from popping out. I like to rock my pelvis in this stage which for me keeps me in place. If I feel the urge a dildo might be placed there too which can act as a means to secure your cock in place. Not my preference but there is a practicality to it.

Once you feel you have yourself secured then I rock back and forward which does two things. It mimics the action of fucking and it gets you more engorged. The bend and the fact that you are locked in place means you get thicker and more aroused but not fully. Now is the time to both look at what you are doing (hence the mirror and the torch which may be needed if lighting is a bit obscured) and to lie back and just delight in the feelings. Use your imagination to really let your fantasies run wild. This is risk free activity that is very similar to what you have been fantasising about – maybe for years.

Enjoy the ejaculation of your sperm inside yourself. I don’t felt any amazing shooting just a warm squelchiness which is fabulous. There is the tendency for the cock to shrink quickly but I try to keep it there as long as I can as a plug to stop the sperm running out. At this stage I tend to raise by hips even higher to defy gravity. This will make the push drizzle process out and mean more will come out. I really enjoy feeling it ooze from me and pool in my panties. I love the feeling of walking around in those panties with no one any the wiser. If you remain in place use the mirror to watch the sperm seep out or better still take your phone and film it as it happens.

You probably won’t get it right first time nor every time but with good preparation and patience you too can feel the delight of having sperm inside you in a risk free but very pleasurable manner. Next time someone says to you ‘go fuck yourself’ just be careful you don’t reply without thinking ‘oh god yes please!’

Posted By Sue on 14th October 2019

Updated : 14th October 2019 | Words : 1232 | Views : 1386

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A Self Fuck How To

For many gurls the ultimate expression of their feminine sexuality is to explore the vulnerability o . . .

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