A breath of fresh air - Part 2

Miss Trudie

And so, I was hooked. Not only was I interested in other women’s panties but smelling their very feminine smells became something of an obsession. My most obvious ‘supply’ was my Mum and as outlined in Part 1 my Aunt’s. But as I became more aware of the sensuality provided by smelling the lovely musky odour of a women so I sought out more opportunities to savour both the different smells but also marvel at the degree of creamy discharge left on the gusset.

So visits to relatives, family friends and school friends’ places took on a whole new dimension. I would always try and find out where the laundry hamper was which in most cases resided in the main bathroom. Ensuites weren’t a big thing in those days so the possibility of uncovering some soiled panties was pretty high. The problem was not really being able to do too much other than a quick smell as time in the bathroom might have drawn attention. What those brief interludes did do was prove to me that women’s odour and discharges varied immensely. ‘

It was in that hurried and furtive search for panties that one day I came across a particularly fragrant and moist pair that got me very excited and I gingerly put my tongue to the gusset. It felt amazing and kinky to realise that my tongue was actually licking where a woman’s most intimate parts had been nestled and that I was tasting their juice that probably was less than an hour old. It’s a strange notion but the connection between one’s own wearing of panties and fascination with the female anatomy strengthens the desire to have your own vagina capable of delivering the same secretions and smells and associated pleasure.

There are lots of stories from these time including even more recently but I’ll touch on four. I stayed over at my friend Craig’s place and he had a sexy older sister and I was pretty well acquainted with her lingerie including her bras. One night when staying there she was staying over with friends and as I brushed my teeth I spied the hamper and thought I’d take a quick peek. There was a lovely pair of white nylon panties with a panel of lace on each side. The gusset was thick with discharge and on bringing it to my nose it smelt amazing laced with the pheromones to excite a young teenage boy. Grabbing some toilet paper and the panties I hid them in the waist band of my pyjamas and lay in the spare bed in Craig’s room excitedly waiting for him to sleep.

I actually fell asleep but woke some time later and realising the coast was clear retrieved the panties and making only small movements so as not to wake my friend, brought them up to my nose and breathed in deeply. I breathed in her lovely feminine aroma and in the dark imagined my nose was at her pussy and her nose at mine. I drew down the bed sheet not wanting any tell-tale signs to show. I definitely knew where this was ending up! I was unbelievably hard and proceeded to pull the panties onto my head the caked gusset aligned to my mouth. My nose was a little further back where another darker odour was vaguely present. I was now breathing through the material the smell making me quite light headed. My tongue snaked out and tentatively tasted the crust. Then I started to lick in earnest imaging it was her climax that I was smelling and tasting on her panties. Very soon it all got too much for me and rope after rope of my climax spattered across my chest and tummy. Just as I felt myself dozing off in post orgasmic bliss I had the presence of mind to hide the lovely fragrant panties under the pillow for safe return the following morning.

I had a girlfriend who was so sexy adventurous and accepting that when she asked me about any kinks I did mention panty sniffing. At first she was a bit put off by it but I explained the impact it had on me and she then admitted to it being a bit of a turn on. One evening she said she had a surprise for me and stripped down and said she had been wearing the same panties for two days. She whipped them off and asked if I’d like to have them. I immediately said yes and she asked me to demonstrate what I do with them. I lay on the bed and took down my trousers leaving on just my underpants. I pulled them down to allow my quickly stiffening cock to have freedom to expand. I slowly drew per panties to my nose smelling in her sweat and fluids and could clearly smell her pussy as well as what would have been dried pee. The smell was intoxicating. I positioned the crotch of her panties directly over my nose and slowly started to masturbate. I wanted for it to be a long drawn out session where my gf really got to see the impact of her smells and panties on myself. I got lost in the moment and it was only when I heard a moan from her did I realise that she was in a chair, her legs spread and she was herself masturbating clearly turned on by what she saw. Knowing every little nuance of her orgasm and her masturbation I was able to time myself such that we climaxed in unison, the first of many escapades where her smells were used as part of our pleasure play.

A friend of mine’s wife and I became very close and she was someone you could confide in. She had had a relationship with a guy who cross dressed and she said she spotted the same ‘vibe’ in me. She asked me whether I had ever worn my wife’s panties and I replied of course all guys have. She then looked me in the eye and asked if I’d ever worn my own panties? I blushed and was flustered and she said she thought so. She hugged me and said it was not an issue for her and the idea was quite sexy. After that, for the next few months when she caught me on my own she pretty much got my whole back story from me. She even bought me lingerie in exactly the same style as hers only bigger and I dressed in it in front of her and she stripped and we were dressed the same. Over the years we kept in touch and we grew more flirty. She told me she had fantasised about sex with me and when she stayed with us she was forever giving me flashes of her panties. She came into the study where I was on the computer on time and leaned forward and I could clearly see she had no bra on.

One night we went out for a meal and she was gone a while and when she got back was a bit red faced and flustered and said she may have drunk too much. A few minutes later she nudged my foot and slyly put her hand under the table and handed me her panties. It wasn’t long before I was making my excuses and locked in a stall. The panties were soaked in the crotch so much so I thought they had been run under water. The smell of her sex on them was unmistakeable.

I lifted them to my nose and breathed in. My trousers were around my knees and my cock jumped to attention. My hand started to stroke as I breathed in her lovely elixir. Then there was a text. I was pretty engrossed so nearly didn’t read it but I’m glad I did. It simply said ‘I just jilled in those’ well that inflamed my passion and with one last sniff I wrapped the wet panties around my cock and pumped my lad into them the vast majority seeping into the gusset. Composing myself I sent a text back saying ‘and now so have I’. Making my way back to the table I cautiously handed back the panties when an opportunity arose. Before departing the restaurant she took one last trip to the ladies which she used to put her panties back on mixed with both of our fluids.

We all got up late the next morning and she joined me making the coffee. She told me she’d just had sex and her hubby was still in bed and she’d take the coffee in. She said she wanted a shower too. I could hear the shower running and then a text. It said ‘my panties are on op in the laundry’. I hurried to the laundry and there was a pair of panties not the ones from the previous night. Sure enough when I opened them up there was a pool of gloopy fluid. I brought the gusset to my nose and there was a fishy smell. It was clearly there mixed sexual juices. Shaking with excitement I gingerly put my tongue to the fluid and tasted a small portion. Knowing that it was the outpourings of their union, and she wanted me to at the very least smell it I used my tongue like a scoop and swallowed the heady mixture licking the panties clean back to the gusset. I then texted her and said ‘all cleaned up’. When she got out of the shower and changed she went to the laundry to indeed find her panties with just the slightest trace of their morning’s romp.

Posted By Sue on 27th December 2018

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